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Daniel Cunningham

I actually just graduated from a university with a degree in business. I've been thinking about starting an online business for a while now, and this course was the push that I needed to actually get my feet wet. The instructor walks you through it step by step. This is the best online course that I've ever taken.

Gilad Barzilay

Fantastic course! Highly recommended, It had been very helpful for me. I allready created my new store which I never could do without your great course. Thank you so much Tim - you are the best!

Ehsan El Kirdany

It's careful to give you exact step-by-step directions on what to do. The instructor takes his time and repeats important points. Informal and easy to understand language, simple instructions and easy to follow.


This is a terrific course...I really enjoyed it! Tim is a fantastic instructor! The information is valuable and he is an excellent communicator (from speaking clearly to explaining each task so that it is easily understood). A+++

Soufiane Elkarfi

This is one of the best e-commerce course you can find for drop-shipping, Shopify and Facebook Ads. I like Tim's business model and how he explains every single details for all the sections in this course. I will highly recommend this course for everyone new to the e-commerce field or Shopify and Facebook Ads. Thank you Tim for this great and lovely course. Cheers!

Vivian D

I've taken many courses, 7-8, on Udemy and Youtube re building a Shopify drop shipping businesss. This course has been the most comprehensive. Taught in a straight forward method. I will refer to again as this course is a good resource. Thank you Tim!

Joseph Salvatore

Tim's course is equivalent to a college course in e-commerce -- he covers a lot of material from beginning to end. Tim is engaging, thorough, and pragmatic. He walks users through the entire process of setting up a Shopify Store and running Facebook ads. I will return and reuse this course as a reference moving forward.

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