Mentoring – I’m at your service !

Every month I accept a limited number of people (yes it really is limited as this is my time) into my mentoring program.  People just like you who have maybe started a Shopify or WordPress store that need that extra help and reassurance to get then to the next level.  If you feel that’s you, then I can offer you assistance in the following areas:

  1. Developing a winning ecommerce mindset
  2. Finding your profitable niche
  3. Understanding your ideal customer
  4. Building a trustworthy store
  5. Picking the right products to sell
  6. Advert design
  7. Facebook targeting
  8. Free traffic sources
  9. Optimizing your product pages
  10. Optimizing the checkout
  11. Retargeting
  12. Customer service
  13. Understanding the competition
  14. Email marketing
  15. Affiliate marketing (using your store and email list)

Please note, this is a mentoring program, which means I’m here to advise and guide you, but you will the one doing the work!  Also, I cannot guarantee your success, but I can guarantee you excellent, professional and timely advice that has the potential to transform your business.

How does it work ?

My preferred communication method is Facebook messenger; I will respond as soon as possible, but certainly within 24 hours.   And while I would love to chat for hours everyday face to face, it’s simply not viable – so I’m sorry, but I don’t offer phone support.

How much does it cost ?

I’m offering my mentoring program at a very affordable price of $97/month (many would charge this amount for 1 hour!).  This is a monthly subscription (it just makes is easier to manage) but you can stop and start whenever you want.  I don’t offer refunds for any reason.

Sorry, but at the moment my mentoring program is full.  If you’d like to be added to the waiting list then please contact me.

I look forward to working with you.


“When I joined the Mentoring service, I thought that Tim may give me some advices and let me try and get the results only. But I was totally wrong, Tim studied my store, set a plan , and we started to execute it together. I do the thing and he reviews it and get back to me with his feedback till we agree that we are doing the right thing. Tim asked me am I happy with the Mentoring Service?!!! I am very happy and satisfied since I started to follow Tim and enrolled to his courses. And I believe that soon I will get one of the greatest stores. Thank you Tim .. And I wish you all the best.” – Diaa, Saudi Arabia

“I have been in Tim’s mentoring service for less than a week and from our first conversation I knew this was a good choice. Having 1 on 1 coaching specifically for your own store and personal goals is something you can’t get from watching youtube clips. It’s great to have a game plan and to know what to focus on without the guesswork.” – Brodie, New Zealand