30,000+ reviews! Here’s what a few of them have to say :)

“1st – I love the fact that as we are learning, we are actually seeing our first shop take form! It’s super exciting.

2nd – I am so amazed that I can have a professional looking website, with minimal Web Programming Skills… I REALLY hope to make good money with this project!

3rd – I can now say, after finishing the course, that I am very confident that I can make any Shopify website, and while I did need to dig a little bit outside of the course for certain things (like hiding the tags in the page), I would have never had the confidence to just learn Shopify on my own. This course really gave me that confidence, and I do recommend it to anyone serious about trying…

P.S. I haven’t made a sale yet, so don’t expect magic results, but at least I have the building blocks now.”

– Chris and Kana R

“The trainer is very much focused on the substance of things, he explains very well and therefore everything seems to be simple to perform, and he is clearly very genuine. It is the ideal course to give you the important information you need to know to start a drop shipping business and have the necessary confidence for its implementation. It would be great if Mr. Tim could be contacted should I have any question or face challenges during the implementation process. It is great that he has plan for further courses that will expand some subject mentioned on this course. It would be great to know for example a bit more about content creation, if there is a way to automate processes (ie. importing products from AliExpress/Other and automate order processing), and plug-ins available to make the webstore more engaging and that expand and improve product search (for example filters) Thank you so much Mr. Tim.”

– Claudio De Sario

A very comprehensive course, I have done Tim’s drop shipping with WooCommerce and I will be doing the drop shipping with Shopify course this coming week. I have a potential client who I am looking to build a complete Shopify store and I will provide her with email and email aliases as well as training over the lifecycle of the site build to a handover phase. Though I have a background in Business Operations, IT Service Support/Delivery the knowledge I have learnt from Tim’s courses have made this more practical for an SME business consultancy I am setting up. I will be able to repeat this offering and provide a lifecycle for helping people to get online, source markets, products and then manage their business processes more effectively with my skills. Thanks, Tim, it’s really great that you can share courses like this for free as they really can change a persons life and career direction. Very generous and very inspiring. All the best.

– John Nair

Out of all the videos that I have watched on setting up a Shopify store step by step, and there has been many, this is the only one that shows what it claims. Even Oberlo doesn’t come anywhere near the quality of information and proper explanation of setting up a store as this guy does! It’s fantastic, I’m so happy! Finally, I can now set up a store and feel confident about it! I mean how hard is it to explain every single step of the process, some people need that, I didn’t even know I could check if a product can be shipped by epacket! I had no idea of the drop-down shipping options on Ali Express! And I have been trying to set up a store for over a year now! Well done, I want to do all your courses, you are an excellent teacher! I’ve joined your Facebook group and subscribed to your YouTube channel. I’m so excited to set up a store now, I hope he explains how to do an add on Facebook? This is what all these gurus are selling online for so much money!!!! I paid for one guy because I thought this was the only way to get a step by step tutorial, but nope, it wasn’t step by step, so I fought to get my money back! I’m so happy!

– Lisa Casey

“After just completing Tim’s excellent course, my head is now bursting……. not with pain, but with knowledge on some stuff that was very abstract to me before I started! Spotify, Ali Express, Facebook business, Oberlo, Canva, Rewind…they’re all covered,….very, very well indeed. I highly recommend this course to (i) the novice, with a passion for getting involved in business, and learning the buying and selling “”ropes”” without taking on too much financial risk, and (ii) the experienced business man or woman wishing to capture additional global biz by establishing an online store, and learning many valuable modern-day marketing tricks and tips, especially using social media. On the tutor; I have the highest of admiration for any guy who has become successful in his business field, who is not afraid to share his extensive knowledge, to give something back to society. In Tim’s case, his free courses on Udemy. Every parent should encourage their teenage children to complete this course to learn a valuable skillset, and better prepare them for a fast-changing world.

Thanks Tim!”

– Roger Leonard

“I loved this course. Although I already had several blogs on WordPress, and a website of sorts, much of this information was new. I liked how methodical the instructor was in breaking down the instructions and actually showing us how things were done, rather than just telling us. I did everything he told us to do while he was telling us, with the exception of a couple of things which I can’t yet implement (but I will!). By the end, my website looked dramatically different (better) from how it started, and I feel as if I actually have a game plan to build my business. Tim is very positive and encouraging.

The only negative was that sometimes his screen and options differed substantially from mine and there were no trouble-shooting options for if that happens. For example, when I added WooCommerce, it did not give me a Cart or Shop page automatically as it should have. Luckily I know how to add pages and I was able to Google how to connect my WordPress page to my Woocommerce (some short code). Aside from that, this was a lot of work but a FANTASTIC experience. Thank you.”

– Raven Burnes

“I am a totally newbie to this ecom arena. This course has helped me as a stepping stop in my journey into this field. The instructor is engaging and responsive to my questions. Although this is not a comprehensive course but enough content to build your own site and start selling. I would suggest taking this course and also go through some other youtube videos as well on tips and tricks on internet marketing. Besides knowing how the business model works , the technical aspects of it are just important as well.

Lastly, i wish everyone best of luck in their journey like i am doing now . Never give up and keep pushing. If you are stuck in certain areas , do your research and your own due intelligence , see what works or not for you. A strong mindset and curiosity , breaking and fixing things , a “”ok , what’s next? “” altitude is the main core of a successful entrepreneur .

Cheers Max Singapore”

– Max Pang

“Let me start of with this: Excellent material Tim. It was great advice with details from real world experience from the business he has built. Explanations were clear and to the point. I was bombarded with alot of courses in Udemy, but I am glad I made the right choice to get into Tim’s course. I wanted to know more about how to do this business with instagram and other social platforms which were briefly touched in these course. But having said it is a curriculum for beginners, It is best to start off with one mentioned in lecture as Tim’s advice. Better to get use to the model before starting to scale . Great and engaging teacher. Thank you for sharing your experience and inspiration. People who do this course, please dont forget to join on Tim’s Facebook page.
p.s real verified buyer 🙂 not advertiser for Tim. Just want to let others get the benefits I learnt from his course.”

Thanks Mr. Tim.”

– Nagaraja Rao Gangodu

“Wow, what a great course, and for FREE too! Tim has really shared a lot of his expertise in this course. And would you believe, this is not a short course to get you to to buy his more in-depth course after you get hooked in. I kept wondering where is the catch. There isn’t one. I have paid high priced courses with a lot less useful information than what Tim has provided in this gift of a course. The videos are a great quality, and Tim is a natural teacher, very engaging all the way. No fluff, no hype, straight to the point. My attention didn’t wonder at all 🙂

I haven’t completed the course but am stopping to get some sleep and also to rate this course. The only thing that has stopped me giving Tim 5 Stars is the fact that the theme section does not include customization, but that is not a huge problem, in light of the fantastic course provided here, for FREE.”

Thanks, Mr. Tim.

– Swee Matthews

“This information is valuable and the course is free. I think that it was definitely worth the time! Don’t think that starting a general store is the way to go. I think you should start with a niche store and put in products that you are knowledgable on so you can sell better (also test products with eBay or Amazon to prove that the niche is profitable). It would be cool if you could implement or make a new course that explains these things:
-Sales via Instagram influencers
-Do’s and don’ts when finding actual products to put in your store (looking at item reviews,  Seller rating & feedback- delivery, quality, item as described ratings)

-How to make your site seem more authoritative & trustworthy Tim made a great course that has great information. I’m implementing these strategies now so I might update this review letting you know my results!”. Thanks, Mr. Tim.

– Annabel Luk

“Wow, what a great course, and for FREE too! Tim has really shared a lot of his expertise in this course. And would you believe, this is not a short course to get you to to buy his more in-depth course after you get hooked in. I kept “This is a very good comparative course. I’ve learnt what I needed in order to decide whether I should go with Shopify or WP/WooCommerce under various circumstances and financial situations. At this initial stage of my starting an online store, I don’t have a big budget, yet I have a lot of technical skills and experience (I was an Open Source software developer, had built a web store with osCommerce many years ago for clients, am familiar with WP, have had my own domains and web host and have been administering them for many years.) Therefore, it behooves me to start with WooCommerce first.mA major concern of mine would be the ease of migrating my WooCommerce site/data over to Shopify later on when I could make a good profit, and if I wish to do less technical work. Fortunately, Tim has addressed this concern when he responded to some others’ questions. :)”

– Jennifer Chiu

“Considering that the course is entirely free i cannot be anything but happy. I definitely gave me a ground base to start my Ecommerce journey.

One thing i would have liked to hear more about(and i get that stuff like that isn’t covered in a free course) is more in depth about facebook advertising and marketing. How does it work? How do you set up a proper campaign? And how do you narrow down a target audience the right way. Me personally i felt a little lost and it seemed like that part was skipped over pretty fast.

Another thing that would have been great to touch upon is Affiliate marketing. Instagram/YouTube influencers and what not. Just a thought if something should be added.

But to sum it up! Very happy about the course. Tim was motivational and engaged the entire way! Which was cool, cause that means he actually cares.”

– Asger Emil Neidhardt

“Hi. I paid hundreds and even thousands of dollars for courses on internet marketing, e-commerce, list building, etc., where the content delivered wasn’t even comparable to what is offered here for free.

This is a great course!
After some years I distrust marketers that sell courses on how to make money in the internet. If they make money, they will offer the courses to help other people. If they sell the courses is because they need to make money selling the courses! It may seem radical but it is how I feel. Tim Sharp offers a great course, great content, great detail, great advice, hands on, and for free! For me, this is a solid sign that he is making money applying what he teaches!  Six stars!
Thanks Tim.”

– Jorge Bento

“I came to this course with prior knowledge and some experience with WordPress and WooCommerce. This course ehanced that knowlege. I learned how to upload product images and create variable products. These two things had given me trouble. The information on how to choose products to sell was quite valuable. Although this course focuses on using Aliexpress as the drop ship supplier, the methods presented are applicable to other suppliers.

Overall, the course was:
1. Well-organized
2.Instructor easy to understand
3.Showed step by step how to completely set up a web drop shipping business.
I highly recommend it, and would like to thank the instructor for providing me with a chance to take this course.”

– Suzanne Pearson

I had already taken Tim’s very comprehensive AliExpress Dropship with Shopify course, and was intrigued by the prospect of expanding my understanding of the Shopify platform, and how it can be weaved into a brand new career plan. Quite naturally some sections of both courses overlap, but my goal of achieving a bird’s eye view was achieved seamlessly. Now the real challenge will be to focus and stick to one thing at a time, because the possibilities are many, each more tempting than the next, and most importantly, really feasible for the average person. Rarely have I ever felt so empowered after taking any courses. Hats off to Tim’s expertise, generosity and natural teaching talent!

– Isabelle Thioux

“Very clear lecture and training imparting by Trainer. Trainer is a world class. I request Tim to impart some detailed free training on advertising online. I am grateful to Tim for such a wonderful training which inspires us to go ahead and make your dream true. I hope; Tim will help me while I need honest support from Tim. I am looking to replace online business with my 9-5 job since 2000 and tried so many times to replace it but could not due to lack of proper knowledge and training from any one in this world. Now, I have so much confidence in to establish my online business with low investment. Thanks again Tim! God Bless You!!!

Thanks and Warm Regards,
– Sanjay Chaudhary

“Tim, what a fantastic resource! I’m grateful that you offer this free of charge. If you had tried to monetize this course, I probably would have never gotten into ecommerce. Now, I have a functioning store. I’m looking forward to taking my store down the road of profitability you’ve shown me. The only way I think you can improve this course (outside of keeping it up to date) is by giving some more detailed ways that we can narrow our facebook audiences. I hope you make more courses in the future. If you want more feedback on any of your courses, from someone who is essentially a complete newbie, feel free to contact me at joshua (dot) anderson (at) me (dot) com. :)”

– Joshua Anderson

There’s a similar Udemy course that teaches you how to build WordPress websites, including eCommerce, blog posts, etc…But that course was 20 hours long, costs money and lots of technical jargon you have to organize your thoughts around. Tim sharp— his lecture is straight to the point, its only 3 hours long. And whats more—-its free. Yeap. Free. If I have to be fair, he might not have covered all the details or all the fun bits you can do making your WordPress eCommerce website. But at least he goes into more depth in how to get your products cheap and make money full time on your new baby, your new shop. Once again. For free.

– Michael Dustin Yu

Tim does a great job of spelling out each step very clearly. There’s no room for interpretation or assumptions. You can tell he put a LOT of time into designing the format and flow of this course before he put it together…he took the time to plan it well, and that is evident by the smooth, building-block transitions and flow. He is also extremely honest and transparent which is super helpful for newbies like me! Also, this course is WAY more valuable than the price I paid. When I enrolled, it was free. I thought, “you get what you pay for” so I wasn’t expecting much. I was wrong. Tim needs to charge for this course. Seriously.

– Bob Knill

“I’m absolutely excited! The course is perfectly structured and covers all the necessary topics. Someone can say, that it is a bit basic, but I’d say, that it is definitely A to Z. I used to watch tons of YouTube videos and yes, you’ll find there way more information, but hey, now I have the straight understanding of the whole process flow, thanks to Tim. This course will give you all the fundamentals you need, and also clear understanding of what you can then improve by yourself instead of just jumping over random countless info on YouTube and Google. “”Overwhelmed”” – this was about me BEFORE this course)
THANK YOU, Tim! Good luck”

– Better

Was a very clear step by step course on how to dropship, from the basic creating your website and setting up shop, adding products and even processing orders, automation and driving traffic to your E-commerce store. For the newbie this is perfect. What I would have preferred is if he had shown other themes instead of the one he used, the wordpress theme used was a tad bit on the basic side of the spectrum and I definitely see where a better theme could influence peoples’ thoughts and therefore actions on your website. But overall he taught exactly what was necessary and It was an excellent course for someone at all levels.

– Leighton Butler

“I had the Greatest Experience!
Very Informative, Very Well Done, Very Well Taught, Very Well Said…etc…
I started this course with a “”semi””-idea of the basics. And I really thought that I already knew stuff, but ever since I started it, it was obvious that I didn’t. This course, and all of the other courses by Tim Sharp has helped me A LOT by the past months. Just about all I know about Ecomerce came from him, so a HHHUUUGGGEEE THANKS!!!

Whoever is reading this… TAKE THE COURSE!
Take my word for it, You won’t be disappointed!

~From: Aeia Umal (11 yr-old Udemy Student :D)”

– Aeia Umal

This course was very informative and helpful. The best course I have ever taken on Udemy. You actually went through the process of showing us how to set up out site and gave us information on maintaining it. Thank you so much for making this course I learned a great deal. After taking this course I am very surprised that it is free. A course like this one should be worth around $200 dollars and I would of paid for it. Although, thank you for making this course free. I enjoyed this course very much and I will be sending anybody I meet that would like to learn how to start a online business. Thanks Again

– Darshan Dixit

“To everyone reading this comment! This is a great course, please take into consideration on taking a course such as this one prior to engaging into this business. After months and hundreds of money spend on building an e-commerce (still I’am). I learned by experience of how delusional I was prior starting this endeavor. Now I’m more experience and so much faster at switching my energies into what ideas return​ most of my investment. Thank you so much, Tim!
Your course was well planned and put together, it takes courage and experience to develop a successful business. Sincerely Yours.”

– Oscar Orellana

“Its going very well – good job. I liked that Tim was so positive and the simplicity of say, shipping, and some other knotty items were made really simple and fast. I wouldn’t like to depend upon Shopify alone to create a store !

It is just a matter of taking off and signing up for Shopify now. I feel as though I have a good basis and a good resource to refer to, later on. I covered the whole course in a matter of a few days and took notes. The spread sheet will be great to have. Really I’ve had courses that were so erratic and expensive, Ill turn to Udemy next time instead, thanks Tim.”

– Kathy Filia

I have previously tried on several occasions to get an ecommerce store up and running but always ran into technical problems. This course has helped me to build a lovely website through holiday and has given me direction. The course is clear and I have been pleasantly surprised by what I have been able to do. I would like to thank Tim personally for sharing his positivity and vast experience in the field of dropshipping. I could not have achieved anything like the same result without this course. Now I am just waiting to see if and when my shop begins to take off.

– Jeremy Saker

“I like the way he get’s right to the point and doesn’t waste time with fluff. This short ant to the point course allows me to not be overloaded with information I don’t need, and quickly become bored with. I can tell you that I have been through many a course like that. This course allows me to quickly go back to what I may have forgotten, or didn’t quite understand. I also like the fact that I can pause at any point to take notes, or go to sites and try out some of the techniques. Thank you so much for your course, and I’ll see you at the top,

– Eric Coovert

A great course that was clearly explained. I knew of Shopify but not that it is such a terrific website builder. For ages I have toiled over my own affiliate website that has taken ages to build and maintain but now, with the help of such an intuitive platform and its apps I shall transition to Shopify and make the whole process of selling so much simpler. Thanks also for the great tips on blog writing and SEO and advice re other sites that may be of use along the way. Be aware though, Tim, that I am also a runner so we will be in competition. LOL 🙂

– Charles Smedley

I’m very thankful that i came across this course because it is helping me a lot in my career as an Online Freelancer. I recently lost my long term job without prior notice. Since I am the breadwinner in my family, i fell into desperation. I was depressed for a time. But since i started this course, i begun applying to jobs doing the basics and I luckily got hired almost everytime. Now my skills has been enhanced, I’m hopefully looking forward to a more productive me. Thank you so much Tim for sharing your knowledge for free. God will Bless you more.

– Ali Diaz

I have taken many courses on udemy and this was the best. And it was FREE. I had already paid for a different web hosting service months before I took this course but had not used the service. This course inspired me so much that I decided to get my ecommerce business up right away. So I tried with the other web hosting service and none of its services worked like they were supposed to. Then I thought “Why not just eat what I already paid and try the web hosting service Tim recommended?” I did and it works great. And I saved 7%! Very happy!

– James Tschantz

“Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.” — The Empire Strikes Back
This course delivers in a simple way knowledge that would have taken months of trial and error to figure out. In order to have a successful store you have to have a store! Your hands-on teaching style destroys any “”analysis paralysis”” before it has time to take root. Thank you for the step-by-step guide and differentiating the items that are important from those issues that can be addressed at a later date. This course is a great time saver and a confidence booster.”

– Michele riley

“considering that the course is entirely free i cannot be anything but happy. I definitely gave me a ground base to start my Ecommerce journey.

One thing i would have liked to hear more about(and i get that stuff like that isn’t covered in a free course)”

– Consuelo Lat

“Really great detail for newbies and good tips for the experienced.
Particularly loved the introduction of the automated method using Ali & Woo dropship plugins and would have loved to see some behind the scenes examples of what they do. But I suppose I can investigate them myself. Good discussion on how you can take this further by selling a niche product. Beautiful at the end to put a face to the voice. For me, Tim is knowledgeable, authentic, believable and engaging. Will certainly look out now for more of his videos. Good job Tim.”

– MM Techworks

“Tim…thank you so much for explaining a few things right at the start like being able to change your store name…so you can get started before you are set on one and also about adding apps and the back office. So far, you’re taking the fear of getting started away!!! (for me)
I’m now halfway through….thanks for offering this coarse …it’s very thorough and I think I can manage setting up my store (so far)…
With the overwhelming amount of information and tutorials out there this is the best coarse I’ve taken. Grateful!”

– Deborah Barrett

A fantastic course! I cannot believe such a course is offered for free. I finished the course in a day and learn so much about the business model and various tools. The instructor is knowledgeable and experienced in the field. Most importantly, he explains things very well, providing easy, step-by-step instruction. He tried to re-created everything in the lectures (for example, buying a new hosting plan, connecting a new domain…), while most of the instructor will just ignore. I’m highly recommend everyone to take this course!

– Duc Nguyen

Great course! So funny, wish i’d completed the course when i first bought it would have saved me so much time and money! After months of research came back to this course to find it had already separated the wheat from the chaf when it comes to the WordPress Dropshipping model. The course is the comprehensive guide taking you through the process from start to finish and exactly what i needed. The creator makes it easy with his clear explanations and friendly nature making you feel he wants you to succeed as well. Great stuff.

– Eugene Asante

This guy is great and has been responsive to questions, and he really give you hands on learning by visually showing you what to do. He really shows you the core processes without the small talk or extra details that confuse you. He got straight to the point, the only minor thing that I didn’t like and “didn’t like” is just a bad choice of words, I didn’t have a taste for just some of the order he showed us things, Knowing how to fulfill orders should be in the beginning instead of end. OVERALL GREAT CLASS FOR FREE!!

– Jordan Al-Akel

Fantastic Course, I wish I had done it sooner. I have come from a Tech Support Management background and found this to be a great course. I will be looking at Tim’s other course now on drop shipping as I think this business model is a very good one and accessible to anyone willing to give it a try. This coupled with the minimal initial costs to outlay in the business mean that there are very few limitations to trying this type of business. Thanks for your passion and time taken to put this course together Tim.

– John Nair

“I’ve been hearing alot about Shopify + Facebook + Dropshipping and wanted something to fill in the blanks so I can get involved. This course did exactly that…and its free!!

I went to the library and went through the whole course in one sitting. There’s a lot of information which builds logically. I found Tims delivery to be engaging and the format very ‘digestible’.

Any questions I had were addressed by the end of it so now I really don’t have any excuses to not get started! – Cheers Tim ;)”

– Jah Lawrence

Wow! So far, you’ve taught in a very detailed way. At first, I thought this would only be about Dropshipping per se. And that’s what I really want to see. But one lecture after another, you just keep on introducing new things. You really are amazing. Just WOW! You’ve inspired me a lot. I will really get back to you one day about my progress but for now, thank you. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you so much. Next things for me will be very exciting, thanks to you Tim. God bless!

– Kevin Lenida

“This course made a believer out of me regarding infinite possibilities in running a drop shipping business.
I took copious notes which I can refer to, but I love how it’s organised so that reference is easy with the video.

Tim is extremely knowledgeable and comes across as genuinely interested in helping newbies become successful.

I did find the pace, sometimes, a little slow, but the content was superb.

I would highly recommend this, especially for those now starting out.”

– Cheryl Phillips

“Hi Tim, I have been enjoying this course thus far, however, some of the tutorials are not exact. The tutorial for following the TMD Hosting was difficult to get through. Thankfully though with the help of the TMD service and Shopify service, I was able to get the SSL certificate activated.

There have been other issues along the way as well. For instance, the Audience Insights tutorial was very difficult to find, however, thankfully I found the Q&A to be able to help me out!”

– Janice Johnson

Tim another fantastic FREE course! I have recently got back into Ecommerce & Affiliate marketing after 3 year break, i have been looking for a refresher course just to get back up to speed. You have over provided in both areas and i thank you! Your obviously extremely experienced, your teaching method is concise and flows really well! I’ve really enjoyed learning from your wordpress, ecommerce and affiliate courses – and the best bit i didn’t spend a penny! Thanks again Tim.

– Daniel Urlwin

“This is the second course I have done on the topic and I really liked it for two things: first, even if it sounds a bit “”silly””, it covered the same topics from a different angle, and I found it nice to understand that different instructors approach the same topic differently and get results. It allows me to have a more comprehensive understanding of the topic in question.
Second, because I got tips that I hadn’t heard before, and that’s always useful.

Thanks so much!!”

– Paloma

“This is the first course I have completed for WP, Ali-express drop shipping and I am confident to do my first online store.

Although need some more information about getting customer traffic but I think I have an idea how to get knowledge on those areas which will get the traffic.

Tim, congratulations to summarize this great course, must appreciated. I hope I will contact you regarding niche when I will be ready after get experience with the store.


– Farooq Yamani

“This was a great course directed towards all beginners drop shippers! There are a few holes in the course which Tim doesn’t expand on, however, this is where you go and do the research individually which will definitely help you in the long run. Thank you Tim for the wonderful course, I will definitely purchase other to help me gain a better insight into this drop shipping world. You have really immersed me into such wonderful knowledge!

Have a blessed day!”

– Dhruv Visavadia

It is a good course overall as it is comprehensive and easy to understand. I learned the basics about how to create the Shopify store from scratch and how to drop ship from Aliexpress. The instructior is encouraging and is right on point. I would like to see more in-depth coverage on certain topics, like how to minimize returns and negative reviews. Thank you Tim for putting together the insightful course with some helpful tips and for offering it for free.

– Songly Hang

This is a very comprehensive course on how to properly setup a Shopify store. In fact, this was THE MOST comprehensive course I have come across in my journey to start an e-commerce store. The course was very well organized, with step-by-step guidance to getting you up and running in no time. I have been on this journey for quite some time, and for the first time, I feel confident that I have the knowledge that I need to jumpstart my business. Thank you!

– Tangila Trice

“I did enroll in this course with the Goal of understanding how Shopify-Aliexpress Dropshipping works so I can add it to my skill set as this is becoming in-demand right now, and just exactly what I got. Actually, now that I finished the course I’m thinking of creating my own Dropshipping business than working on someone else =)

You’re a great teacher, everything is just perfect your attitude, voice, visual, and wisdom, everything.

Thank you very much Tim!”

– French Friez

“I think it covered every thing so far
i learned a lot of new things
it’s the first time to know anything about drop shipping and i liked a lot
thank you
at the end of the course i’d like to suggest few things to be explained in more details like:
1- how to set product pricing to be more realistic and competitive
2-what about SEO ? can we just depend on FB advert ?
and at the end thanks a lot for your effort,great course
hope to see more coming from you”

– Hussein Elsayed